How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to earn online through shopping giants like Amazon, eBay and Flipkart then How to Start Affiliate Marketing? is the main question that arises in your mind.

As I have started doing Amazon affiliate marketing and trying to learn the basics, I am sharing with you guys what steps I am taking to earn through Affiliate Marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?



Well, there are a few things you need to fulfil before starting an  Affiliate Marketing program which includes:

Create a Website or a Blog

It is essential before starting an affiliate marketing program because you need to display the products which you have to sell.

You can create a website or a page or even a blog to display the products.

I have created an example page on my website ” Big Billion Sale Affiliate “, you can make a much better website or a blog to display the items to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Choose an Industry or Niche

You can select a particular niche after a bit of research, create a comparable website which is attractive to the visitors. (An attractive website brings more traffic to your blog  or a website). For example, I have created a multiple niche page, you can select your products and work accordingly.

Research Products that you can review

You need to keep in mind before selecting a product you should be aware of it that is you can give deep details about it. In coming days I am going to work on dog products for my facebook page SandyTheBeagleDog

I am going to sell dog products on a new website, the same way you can create your own website on the niche or products which is your interest.

Sign-Up for Amazon Affiliate Program

To start with Affiliate Marketing you have to log in to the Amazon Affiliate Program and enter your details such as Name, Address, PAN card and Tax details and start using it to earn a commission.

You have to read Terms and Conditions before starting Amazon Affiliate program as your account may get suspended and you won’t receive any payment by Amazon if you do it against the terms and condition.

Work on getting traffic on your website or blog

Do SEO of your blog or website on a regular basis (If you don’t know about SEO then click here to learn it) to get organic traffic to your website.

You can also do social sharing of your content as it will also help you to get the potential customers.

Keep a track on the ranking of your website or a blog and work hard to target the correct audience (Everything takes time and hard work)

Rinse and Repeat

Do the process regularly, let people share your blogs and website. Create unique and attractive content, write impressive tutorials, review posts, focus on e-mail marketing to hit the audience.

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