Income Tax for Indian bloggers & Freelancers

Income Tax for Indian Freelancers and Bloggers In recent times, a new profession has emerged which is known as blogging and article writing. People are earning a lot of money by doing blogging. A question arises, Is there any Income Tax for Indian Freelancers and Bloggers? A significant source of Income of such bloggers engaged in blogging is through: Google Adsense, AdMob, Timebucks, or any other advertising platforms Affiliate Marketing SEO Services, Content writing services, blogging services Freelancing Platforms and Income generated by it The best thing about earning from blogging is, it doesn’t require any age cutoff, and you…

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Income Tax for Bloggers in India | Is it Applicable or not?

Is there any Income Tax for Bloggers in India?

Income Tax for Bloggers in India Blogging is an exceptionally fascinating action for me, however, for some, it likewise functions as a source of income. There are many bloggers who treat blogging as a regular income source. But the question arises Income Tax for Bloggers in India is applicable or not? An inquiry that I have seen being posed and talked about by numerous bloggers in India is about which taxes concerns them. Here we will discuss numerous taxes and GST applicable to Bloggers in India. Responding to this inquiry was and is both energizing and testing. As this influences…

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How to Promote your Blog/Content in 2019?

How to Promote your Blog in 2019? How would you promote your blog? Do you share it via web-based networking media (Social Media) once and trust in the best? Unfortunately, that is not getting down to business. Except if you have a great many fans who live and inhale you’re each word. Be that as it may, I’m speculating you’ve not arrived at superstar status. Meanwhile, why not attempt a portion of these thoughts. Most are free, so what do you have to lose? We’ve masterminded them into segments so you can pick each one in turn. Before you start,…

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History of Blogging (From 1993 till Today)

History of Blogging: The evolution of Blogging (From 1993 Till Today) It’s 2019, and the greater part of us know what a blog is, yet do you know the historical backdrop of blogging? You read sites (or if nothing else you’ve presently perused this blog). You most likely know about other well-known web journals that spread subjects you’re keen on, and I’m speculating you’ve either dealt with your own—or possibly thought to be beginning a blog sooner or later. Be that as it may, do you know the historical backdrop of blogging? It’s really an intriguing voyage how we’ve gotten…

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How to write a Blog?

How to write a Blog?   The First Blog Posts You Should Write as a New Blogger So you’ve chosen to begin How to write a Blog?. Congrats! You have your web hosting, and you’ve picked your theme to work. Now, you have to write blog posts on that theme. This can be the hardest point of beginning a blog since you probably won’t know where you should begin. When you chose to begin a blog, you likely envisioned a wide range of blog entries that you would compose, however, which ones start things out? It can be pretty well…

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