Top 10 FREE Plugins for your Website

Free Plugins for Word Press Website ( Top 10 Plugins)

Word Press plugins help your website or a blog to extend your functionality. In this blog, we will discuss Free Plugins for Word Press Website ( Top 10 Plugins)

Choose your plugins as per your niche/kind because you know the needs of your website much better.

There are millions of plugins and it’s confusing to choose which one to install and use.

Remember below steps before installing your plugins

Step-1 Ratings of your Plugins
Step-2 Active Installations
Step-3 Last Updated
Step-4 Size of the Plugin
Step-6 Click on More Details tab and read the specification and look at the screenshot of how it will work and installation process as well

Free Plugins for Word Press Website ( Top 10 Plugins)

Take the help of YouTube for more details of the Plugins and choose your Plugin Wisely as per the needs of your Website or a Blog.

Let’s Discuss Top 10 FREE Plugins for 2018

1. Free Plugins for World Press Website ( Top 10 Plugins)Elementor Plugin

It will give your website a whole new look. Drag and drop for the layout of your webpage. Easy to use and understand the plugin. It provides you templates to design your homepage and even you can manually design the pages of your website.

2. Free Plugins for World Press Website ( Top 10 Plugins)Yoast SEO Plugin

It is one of the important plugins for your website as it will help you to add Meta Title, Meta Description, Your focus keyword, slug. Check your websites readability and SEO score. This free plugin will help your website to boost its ranking.

3. Digital Marketing Agency in MeerutNinja Form

This plugin helps you to add a contact form to your website. Let people contact you by filling in the form details. Specify the details and attach the form as per your websites requirement and need.

4. Digital Marketing Agency in MeerutAkismet (Freemium)

It is the default plugin that comes with your Word Press. An anti-spam plugin and it checks the spam entering your website through comments or any other medium. It is a useful plugin to protect your WP Security.

5. Digital Marketing Agency in MeerutGoogle XML Site Maps

This Plugin helps to index your website with Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more Search Engines. Your posts and updates are notified by the search engines when you publish them. A helping tool to improve your search on a web

6. Free Plugins for World Press Website ( Top 10 Plugins)WP Smush

An image represents your website in an attractive way and the size of the images should be managed properly. This plugin helps you to compress the images of your website. Maximum 50 images can be compressed on a single use.

7. Digital Marketing Agency in MeerutAll in one Rich Snippets

This plugin will help you to add extra information to your search like a star rating, images and number of reviews for your website. It helps you to get more traffic as people prefer to get the services of the firm whose ratings are excellent

8.Search Engine Optimization SEO marketing services Broken Link Checker

It’s every chance to lose your customer if your links are broken. The visitor is looking for the solution on the web and your pages are not inter-connecting them than you might lose a lead. This plugin helps to connect your pages and keep updating you about the broken links of your website

9.How to do OFF PAGE SEO Google Analytics by Word Press

It is the statistical plugin which gives you the details about the traffic on your website. You can understand your audience according to and target them for lead generation. It gives the idea of the improvement needed for your website and mentions also the active users on your website.

10.How to do OFF PAGE SEO Redirect Plugin

It helps to remove 404 errors and redirect the audience page on the correct landing page. When to change the permalink of your website then this plugin will be a great help to you.


There are millions of plugins and we will discuss more in my next blog. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook 

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