How to create Backlinks in less time?

How to create Backlinks in less time?

How to create Backlinks in less time? and tired of link submissions? Here is the solution for you.

As we know there are many options available to create backlinks such as directory submissions, classified submissions, wheel-linking, blogging, web 2.0 and a lot more.

But everything takes time, here I will tell you an easy and effective way to create quality backlinks and it takes less time to get approval (From 24hours to 72hours).


How to create Backlinks


Let us discuss How to create Backlinks?

An easy and effective way to create backlinks is to make use of the “comment luv”. Now, what is comment luv?

Commentluv is one of the Well-known names in the field of SEO (link building) and it creates backlinks on commenting to the blogs related to your niche.

For backlinks:

1. Google Operators (Google Search Engine)


” Digital Marketing” “comment luv” (It can be any niche “Printer on rent” “comment luv”)

2. Comment Unique

  • Name ( Company Name)
  • Your Website
  • Comment and create backlink

Let us make it more clear with an image example: If I am a Digital Marketing Company owner like NM Digital Marketing Agency and How to create Backlinks for my company is my concern then this is what I will do?


Type “digital marketing” comment luv in Google search and a number of blogs will appear in links. Click on any link.

How to create Backlinks in less time?



I have clicked on the “Bridging the Gap between Digital Marketing and Social Media” link, and in the comment section you can add up your details as shown below:


How to create Backlinks in less time?



Submit your comment and wait for the approval.


As I have already submitted a comment before in this “comment luv Do-Follow blog” and it has been approved. That means I have got the backlink from this website. Have a look:

How to create Backlinks in less time?


Conclusion of How to create Backlinks in less time?

  • Instant backlinks
  • Easy to understand the process
  • Quality backlinks
  • Automatic Social Sharing
  • Automatic Organic Reach
  • Chance to get more visitors and leads

If you can do a minimum of 10 comments per day means you have done 300 comments in a month. Taking the worst scenario, your 100 comments get approved, still, it means you get 100 quality backlinks and social sharing with fewer efforts.

I hope you like this blog and in our next blog I will come up with some new tricks.

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