How to do Classified Submission?

How to do Classified Submission

Hello everyone! In this blog, we will learn How to do Classified Submission. If you have a business website and you want to get business leads than Classified Submission is best. In India, we have many classified submission sites ( eg. olx India, Quickr) where you can publish your free ads.

Why Is Classified Submission Important?

It helps you to bring traffic to your website. While using paid or free classified ads your ad and content are automatically indexed on search engines. Now I am going to give you an example of classified submission. Considering you a layman I will start elaborating you from the very basic starting from google

Basics of How to do Classified Submission

As discussed in my previous blogs, we will go step by step:


Search for classified sites on google by typing ” High PR classified sites 2018 in India “, change the country name as required by you. For Australia, we have Locanto for classified ads. You can choose your country as per your requirement.

Now, you can see multiple links, choose any one of them.

How to do Classified Submission



Sign up on Classified site by simply registering your details and display your ad. For reference see the image below:

How to do Classified Submission

You can see my previous Ad got 35 views and I got 1 business lead from my classified post. It is a very good technique to improve your website traffic and get business leads.


Let’s create an Ad on olx. I will post one of my previous blog How to do ON PAGE SEO?  ( I prefer you to post business-related ads on OLX). Click on Submit a free Ad and add an ad title ( Use your focus keyword ), select your category, and ad a description and a catchy photo. POST IT

How to do Classified Submission



Sit back and wait for you Ad to go viral, After approval, your Ad will appear in your Ad list. You can check it in your account. See the image below

How to do Classified Submission


Manage an excel sheet as Ads expires after a certain time period. As discussed in the previous blog maintain excel for every classified site and ads you have submitted to them.

I hope you have learned How to do Classified Submission on classified sites. In my next blog, we will learn how to do Social Book Marking of your blog or website


Thank you and have a nice day!

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