SEO Tips: Top 6 Factors to Improve Your Website Ranking

Top 6 Factors of How to Improve Your Website Ranking?


If someone advises you How to Improve Your Website Ranking instantly in a short span of time or say that they know how high your website will rank by their methods and techniques.


Those people are crooks!

We know most of the things to rank our website. Some of the tried and tested tips of How to Improve Your Website Ranking. I will be sharing with you.


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  1. Regular updates of the content on the website

Keep updating your website or your blogs at regular intervals. Try to post 15 blogs in a month as it will be very helpful to boost your websites rank.

Try to make changes in your website content whenever you see the drop in your ranking. This is the tried and tested method.

    2. Write search queries answerable content

The trend nowadays has totally changed because of the voice-assisted search. Try to use the long tail keywords with the use of the proposition.

Eg: Previously we use keywords as “Digital Marketing Company India “but in recent time we use it as “What is the best Digital Marketing Company in India

This type of content will give you a definite result; always try to create content that answers these kinds of queries.

    3. Use of the E-A-T type of Content

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Let’s see how to use this kind of content?

  • Complete your bio; prove the audience that you are an Expert
  • Use the Authority Content, do proper research on your content. It should explain the search of the people over the internet
  • Win the Trust of the people by displaying your testimonials and social proofs. Help people to know you more
    4. Add quality links to your Website

Don’t just exchange link with other websites blindly. These old days are gone

Try to get quality links through quality websites.

    5. Use of the Unique Content

Do not try to copy the content from the internet; there is every possible chance to get penalized by the Google. Be unique in your content, do not plagiarize others.

Content is always the king and it will help your website to reach the top pages of the Google

    6. Write content that satisfies the user queries

Using the right keywords and writing the content that answers the reader’s question.

Try to write complete answers to win the trust of the audience; don’t let them hit the back button


If you want to rank higher do what Google wants from you. Do proper research of the niche of your website and write the quality content that will win the trust of the organic traffic.

Improve your ranking by doing proper On-Page SEO and OFF Page SEO

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