SEO Failures And Fixtures: Top 20 Reasons

SEO Failures And Fixtures: Top 20 Reasons

SEO Failures And Fixtures

You might have learned SEO from blogs, YouTube videos, Articles or Digital Marketing Institutes. But still, your SEO is failing?

Have you ever think of the reason behind it? Well, here we will discuss the top 20 reasons of SEO Failures And Fixtures.

SEO Failures And Fixtures

1.Long Tail Keywords not used

Although short tail keywords have a high search volume it does not give better outcomes when it comes to ranking in search engines.


It is necessary to use a long-tail keyword in your content because it improves your search result and bring more targeted traffic to your website. It is the combination of 3-4 words so it focuses more on the targeted keywords.

2. Text Length matters

Writing the content of about 300-500 words will not help your blog or a website to rank higher in the search engines. It is just your thinking that this much word limit is sufficient to do SEO.


A minimum of 1000 words is a must to target your SEO. The study has revealed that your content should be unique, high-quality and SEO optimized. It should not be copied from anywhere else it won’t rank higher in the search results.

3. XML sitemap plugin not used

If you think that Google will do auto-indexing of your website then its a myth.


It helps in speeding up your website and gain the trust of the Google that you are the original content creator. It is better to use XML Sitemap Plugin in your website.

4. Lack of patience is the reason behind your SEO failure

Hunger for quick results is not a good phenomenon when it comes to SEO.


You need to have patience as SEO is a long-term process and it requires a lot of work to be done. To rank higher in search engines it takes a minimum of 6 months, so keep tracking your performance with patience.

5. No or Less use of Social Media Platforms

Most people are totally unaware of the benefits of social media and they do not know that it helps in your website ranking.


Social Media helps to improve your visibility, gives you website traffic and makes your business or brand popular. It is a need of an hour, so utilize it to the fullest as there are millions of social media platforms available.

SEO Failures And Fixtures

6. Absence of Inbound Links

While performing SEO to your website people do not use internal linking which is also one of the reasons why your SEO is failing.


Make use of the Internal Linking as it takes the audience to other pages of your website and they stay for more time on your website. Your content and internal linking should be relevant and links should not be broken.

7. Ignorance of Website Loading Speed

Loading Speed is one of the important factors when it comes to Search Engine Optimization as Google is stressing over the page load speed.


This factor can not be overlooked and you can check your website’s loading speed on Google Page Speed Insight Tool. Improve your websites speed so that you can improve your bounce rate and do not lose your visitors.

8. Ignorance of External Links

Ignorance of outbound links can cost you a great loss in SEO as most of the business owners do not make use of it.


Use external URL (Mostly the established Brands or Business), so that your website gets more relevancy.

9. Use researched Keywords

Most business use keywords without any research this is the main cause of SEO failure.


Use Google Keyword Planner and select your keywords based on the competition. It is your business, so use the tool effectively

10. Broken Links Problems

Sometimes it happens, when a visitor is looking for a solution on your website, it displays 404 error. Most of the businesses didn’t even know about the problem or they simply ignore it.


Try to make use of free tools (SEO Spider) or paid tools to check and fix the broken links of your website. Do not ignore this problem as it will impact the performance of your website and business directly.

11. More keyword stuffing

Creating short content and using keywords in excess doesn’t mean that your website will perform better in SEO. In fact, it is a failure of SEO. These strategies are used a long time back and now there is no use of keyword stuffing in the current scenario.


Always use better and unique content with the use of the keyword planned through research and keyword planner. It will definitely result in better SEO results.

12. Ignorance of Meta Description

People believe that meta description is no longer in use and it does not help in SEO. Trust me you are wrong and it is also the reason why your SEO fails.


You need to write an attention-seeking meta description to attract visitors. Use your focus keyword in the description in your meta description and trust me it will help in your SEO.

13. Site Links not customized

Site linking is a part of SEO and most businesses ignore it which result in the downfall of the SEO.


It can be done by reaching to the Google Search Console account, as we know that we have no control over the site linking but still, we can instruct Google what pages we want to show. It helps to target potential customers.

14. No Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps the admin to know from where your audience is looking at your website. Ignoring analytics will result in the loss of business.


Register yourself to Google Analytics and work on your keywords as per the analytics report. This will definitely help in your SEO targeting. You will easily come to know where your visitors are coming and which keywords are working for your website.

15. Not targeting your Audience Interest

in most of the websites user intent is missing which leads to the failure of the SEO.


Because your audience is very important for you, you need to target them as per their interest. Use keywords as per the interest of your audience and improve your SEO.

SEO Failures And Fixtures

16. Not updating yourself as per Google Algorithms

As we know that Google keeps on updating its algorithm and most businesses didn’t even know about it.


Make sure to keep yourself updated with the Google algorithms and update your content as per them.

17. Use of old SEO Techniques

Many people are still working on the old techniques of SEO, it is not going to help your website as trends changes with time.


Keep your SEO strategies up to date and ignore the old keyword stuffing etc. strategies. New SEO strategies will definitely work for your campaign which includes “writing a unique content” and promoting it effectively.

18. Ignoring SEO-Optimized content strategy

Writing content for your website doesn’t mean you do not follow the proper use of keywords. Most of the businesses ignore the SEO optimized content which results in the failure of the SEO.


Use keywords in a proper manner in your content that is it should be optimized as per the standards. Use audience targeted keywords and try to write user-focused content. This will help your SEO strategy a lot.

19. Website is not mobile-friendly

If to do not make sure that your website is mobile-friendly than trust me, my friend, you are going to lack your SEO strategies and it has every possible chance to fail.


Select mobile-friendly themes and make sure your complete website is user-friendly. As we know that smartphones are in every hand these days and people visit sites throw their cellphones more often.

If your website is not mobile-friendly then you are definitely going to lose your customers.

20. Image Optimization missing

It is good to use images in your website and you should be aware that Google Crawler reads every image of your website. If they are not optimized then it will affect your SEO.


Image Optimization includes compressing of the images without losing their quality, using the keywords in your images (in Alt Text). It helps in showing your images in search pages.


I hope this will work for your SEO Failures And Fixtures and you will use all these points while performing your SEO operations.

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